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Research project

Improvement of compliance of Hand Hygiene (HUM)

Status: Ongoing project, start date: 2018, end date: 2021

Handhygiene (HH) is the cornerstone of infection prevention. Friendly competition between hospitals can lead to an increase in compliance of HH.

What we do

About our project

Demonstrating that relocation of patients from multiple occupancy rooms in an old hospital to single bedrooms in a new hospital will have a significant positive effect on the bacterial contamination of the patient rooms, and hence on the number of patients infected/colonized with resistant and/or susceptible microorganisms. 

o 100% compliance with the hand hygiene regulations
o 100% compliance with clothing requirements (including hand and wrist jewelry)

Study design
The design is a comparative study in 13 hospitals all part from the AMR zorgregio ZHZ  
Hand hygiene will be monitored by unobtrusively observations. 
The intervention is a.o feedback of compliance data and friendly competition between the hospitals

Main study parameters/endpoints
The main study endpoint is to show a significant increase over time in hand hygiene compliance 

Our research focus

Research focus
A breakthrough is achieved in compliance with hygiene guidelines in hospitals in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond area. This is done through a regional approach with proven effective methods that are not yet used in regular healthcare.
Compliance with hygiene regulations, including the WHO guideline for hand hygiene, will increase in all hospitals in the AMR-zorgregio ZHZ area. This will lead to a decrease in the number of hospital infections and associated health damage and costs.

A multi-center observational intervention study

Multi-modal; feedback, improving facilities, clear definitions of moments, training, e-learning, education etc 


Funds & Grants

  • VWS AMR-Zorgregio ZuidHollandZuid
  • SRZ


  • Dept of Maatschappelijke Gezondheidszorg
  • AMR Zorgregio ZHZ

Our team

Prof Dr Margreet Vos

Dr Ed van Beeck

Drs Manon van Dijk

Drs Joke Vermeeren