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Research project

Improved Prognosis of Vascular cognitive impairment

Status: Ongoing project

The ImProVas project will develop imaging biomarkers and develop and validate prognostic methods using machine learning for vascular cognitive impairment (VCI).

What we do

About our project

Vascular cognitive impairment

Cognitive disorders associated with and caused by vascular brain disease are captured by the term vascular cognitive impairment (VCI). Brain MRI plays an important role in studying VCI as it has been instrumental in recognizing the role of vascular factors and small vessel disease in cognitive decline and dementia. 


Current consortia are studying the disease processes in VCI, e.g. the CVON Heart-Brain Connection Consortium (HBC) and the Utrecht-Amsterdam Clinical Features and Prognosis in Vascular Cognitive Impairment (TRACE-VCI).In this project, we will collaborate with both studies and use their imaging data for development of new imaging biomarkers and prediction models. In addition, we colloborate with industry partner Quantib BV.


Our research focus

Precision medicine

To facilitate precision medicine in the patient group with VCI, methods will be developed to (1) automatically extract quantitative markers of brain vascular disease, and (2) enable an accurate clinical prognosis based on these quantitative biomarkers using novel disease progression models.


Funds & Grants

EE Bron, WJ Niessen, J Glastra, WM van der Fier, GJ Biessels, Dutch Heart Foundation PPS grant, Improvas: Improved Prognosis of Vascular cognitive impairment using automatic quantitative imaging biomarker extraction and disease modeling, 2018 


Outside Erasmus MC

Quantib BV
Amsterdam UMC, locatie Vumc
UMC Utrecht

Our team

Esther Bron

Bo Li