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Profile picture of Ineke Bolt

Dr. L.L.E. (Ineke) Bolt

Assistant Professor

  • Department
  • Medical Ethics, Philosophy and History of Medicine
  • Focus area
  • Medical Ethics and Philosophy of Medicine



I started my career as a PhD in ethical issues concerning genetic testing and counseling for late onset inheritable diseases.

After my PhD research, I worked as a postdoc on several (European and national) projects: in the field of reproductive technology, end of life issues and enhancement technology.

At present, I work as a university lecturer in the Department of Medical Ethics, Philosophy and Medical History at Erasmus MC, where I coordinate and carry out research.

I am currently working on projects on the ethics of predictive (epi)genetic testing (coordinator of the NWO-MVI project Epigenome-wise: ethical, legal and societal issues of new assays for DNA-methylation in cancer diagnostics and screening and research member of the European project FORECEE on risk stratified cancer screening).

In addition, I teach ethics to students of the Medical Faculty and to medical specialists as well as to students of Clinical Technology at Delft University of Technology.

Field(s) of expertise

  • Medical ethics and philosophy of medicine
  • New biomedical technologies (reproductive technology, (epi)genetics, predictive medicine and screening)

Education and career

I studied theology with a specialization in medical ethics and health care law.

The topic of my PhD thesis is the ethical issues raised by presymptomatic genetic testing of late onset genetic diseases. As a postdoc I was involved in several European and national projects. Currently I am an assistant professor and as such involved in research, teaching and committees.


Teaching activities

Teaching ethics to medical students (BA and MA),medical interns, PhD students, students of Clinical Technology (Delft University of Technology), supervision of MA theses.

Other positions

I am a member of ethical committees (National Indication Committee on Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis).