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Dr. R.R. (Renate) van den Bos

Chief Investigator

  • Department
  • Dermatology
  • Focus area
  • Mohs micrographic surgery Skin cancer Raman spectroscopy Endovenous treatments



My main research interest are within the fields of skin cancer and phlebology. After finishing my PhD project on endoveous laser ablation, I continued my research within the field of phlebology. I worked on several clinical studies including a large multicentre 3-armed RCT on treatments for varicose veins, as well as a prospective study on a new minimally invasive treatment approach, which was the start of a therapeutic concept that resulted in an allocated ZonMw grant. This work, that was based also on data gathered through international collaboration, resulted into the thesis of my first PhD student, of whom I was co-promotor.
I subsequently supervised my second PhD student in phlebology with several international projects, in which renowned phlebology experts from all over the world participated. Together with physicists as well as my third PhD student I then extended my interest in basic science with work on the physical mechanisms of endovenous laser ablation.
Simultaneously, I co-led a second RCT on varicose vein treatment as well as a third RCT on steam ablation for varicose veins, which is world-wide the first and only RCT examining the effectiveness of this technique. The fourth RCT studying a revolutionary treatment approach of varicose veins which is sponsored by ZonMw is still ongoing.
The fact that I was clinically also attracted and dedicated to skin cancer made me expand my research activities to this field. I worked on Mohs micrographic surgery, starting with investigating the essential step of microscopy and collecting data on the outcomes of the technique also for rare skin cancers. I then supervised a multicentre retrospective and prospective study on the differences between Mohs micrographic surgery and conventional excision for squamous cell carcinoma.
Very recently I started with experiments with Raman spectroscopy, a new technique in skin cancer specimen investigation

Field(s) of expertise

Mohs micrographic surgery
Skin cancer
Raman spectroscopy
Endovenous treatments

Education and career

Medical degree, Cum Laude, 2005, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
Master degree in ‘Health Care Ethics and Medical Law’, 2003, University of Manchester, United Kingdom.
Medicine, 2002, Erasmus University Rotterdam.
PhD, Cum Laude, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2011.



Teaching activities

Theses supervised
Co-promotor of:
  • W.S.J. Malskat. Endovenous laser ablation, myths unraveled. 09-11-2018.
  • S.K. van der Velden. Management strategies in patients with chronic venous disease. 10-06-2016.
  • A.A.M Biemans. Treatment and quality of life of patients with varicose veins. 25-09-2013.

Other positions

014-today: Manager of the largest sub-specialism, dermato-oncology, within our department of Dermatology of the Erasmus MC. Managing tasks include coordination of patient planning, controlling consultation and operating schedules, triage of patients, taking care of work flow guidelines, work instructions for nurses and physicians, protocols, communication with referring specialists, selection of applicants for the Mohs training and coordination of their training programme. In addition I am setting up a regional collaboration for skin cancer management including the development of medical protocols and referring flow charts for all participating hospitals and specialisms. I am in addition president of the multidisciplinary skin cancer team in our hospital. This multidisciplinary team convenes each week.

Scholarships, grants, and awards

ZonMw DoelmatigheidsOnderzoek 220.000 Euro, 2015-2019.

My Groups