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Profile picture of Simone Dalm

S.U. (Simone) Dalm, PhD

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator of Radiotracer Interactions

  • Department
  • Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
  • Focus area
  • Molecular Imaging & Therapy



Professional development

Simone Dalm obtained a BSc in Biomedical Science and a MSc in Oncology at the VU University in Amsterdam. In 2012 she started her PhD at the Dept of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. She successfully defended her thesis titled “The Application of Radiotracers for Theranostic Use in Breast Cancer” and obtained her doctorates degree cum laude in 2016. She then continued as a postdoctoral fellow at the department and developed her own research line and group (The Radiotracer Interactions Group), for which she received multiple personal grants (KWF Young Investigator’s Grant and ZonMw Veni).

Current research interests and goals

As PI of the Radiotracer Interactions Group her research focusses on developing, evaluating and optimizing novel radiotracers and radiotracer application strategies for targeted radionuclide imaging and treatment of cancer by studying radiotracer interactions. Ultimately the goal is to achieve more cure, less side effects and a better quality of life for cancer patients. Her research includes (but is not limited to) SSTR, GRPR and PSMA targeting radiotracers for imaging and treatment of different cancer types e.g. breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Field(s) of expertise

Nuclear imaging and therapy
Targeted therapy
Molecular and cell biology

Education and career

2016 - PhD degree Cum laude, Dept of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2012 - MSc in Oncology, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2009 - BSc in Biomedical Science, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Scholarships, grants, and awards

- ZonMw Veni (2019)
- KWF Young Investigator's Grant/Bas Mulder Award (2018)
- Erasmus MC Mrace Grant (2018)
- Editor's Choice Award & Travel Grant, Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (2017)
- Alavi Mandell Award, Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (2017, 2016)
- Industry sponsored grants (2017, 2019)