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N.D.M. (Nicolien) Dinklo

PhD Student



I received my BSc in Animal science from the University of Nottingham in the UK (2020) and my MA in Philosophy, Bioethics and Health from the VU Amsterdam (2022). My master’s internship was at the department of Ethics, Law and Humanities (ERH) at Amsterdam UMC.

Current research projects

“Our Smart Family Buddy” which is an AI-driven digital life-style care platform that aims to promote the equality of opportunity of people with low socioeconomic status to live a good and healthy life.

My focus is on the ethical analysis of justified aims and outcomes of this project to explain why we are dealing with an unfair inequality of opportunities and which lifestyle(s) should be used as the benchmark for equalizing. I will also analyze sound and ethical ways to influence people in ways that do not harm autonomy.