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M. (Martijn) van Doorn


  • Department
  • Dermatology



I have a broad background in dermatology and clinical pharmacology, with specific training and expertise in early phase clinical drug development as well as translational studies. My research in the Erasmus MC has focused on the application of therapeutic drug monitoring, combination treatments and the development of personalized treatment algorithms to improve the cost-effectiveness of biologic drugs for inflammatory skin diseases. As manager of the clinical research unit I have supervised and coordinated many (multicenter) investigator initiated and industry sponsored clinical trials in various skin diseases. A recent addition to my line of research in the Erasmus MC includes the evaluation of fractional ablative laser and high velocity micro jet systems as tools to enhance the delivery of topical drugs to the skin.
In collaboration with the Centre for Human Drug Research (CHDR), my research has focused on the development of skin challenge models and biomarkers for early clinical drug development, as well as the design and execution of clinical (phase 2) studies with innovative drugs in patients with chronic inflammatory skin diseases. To facilitate better recruitment of patients for our clinical trials in the Erasmus MC and CHDR, I co-founded a regional research community with our affiliated hospitals and general physicians; the Clinical Network for Trials in Dermatology (www.dermaconnected.nl).

Field(s) of expertise

Clinical pharmacology
Therapeutic drug monitoring
Early phase clinical drug development

Education and career

Martijn van Doorn studied Medicine at the University of Antwerp and Maastricht where he received his medical degree (cum laude) in 2000. In the Centre for Human Drug research in Leiden he specialized in Cinical Pharmacology (2005) and received his PhD degree at the University of Leiden with his thesis: 'Evaluation of molecular profiling platforms in clinical pharmacology' (2007). Subsequently, he specialized in Dermatology at the VU Medical Centre in Amsterdam (2012). At the department of Dermatology of the Erasmus MC he works as dermatologist and clinical pharmacologist with special interest in the development of innovative drugs and personalized treatments for patients with inflammatory skin diseases.



Teaching activities

In the last 5 year I have been involved in the teaching of senior medical students as a preparation for their Dermatology internship, registrars in dermatology, clinical pharmacology, and clinical immunology / allergology as well as students of the Research Master ‘Infection & Immunity’ and Master ‘Inflamunity’. I have also developed various webinars and masterclasses for general physicians, dermatologists and allergists concerning the diagnostic workup and pharmacological treatment of several inflammatory skin diseases. I received the basic teaching qualification (BKO) from the Erasmus MC in 2017.

Other positions

He has a secondment at the Centre for Human Drug Research in Leiden where he contributes to the early clinical development of innovative drugs for patients with inflammatory skin diseases.