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E.V.A. (Eline) van Hengel

PhD student

  • Department
  • Surgery
  • Focus area
  • Tissue engineering, biomaterials, cholangiocyte organoids, induced pluripotent stem cells, co-culture systems, biomaterial safety, microfluidic systems



I am a Biomedical Engineer with a strong interest in biomaterials within the field of tissue engineering. Currently, I am doing a PhD with a focus on the bio-engineering of functional liver tissue. This involves the use of decellularized liver-derived matrices and recellularization using organoids and stem cells. I am passionate about embarking on new adventures, both in my personal and professional life. From a young age, I have been driven to make meaningful contributions to human health and improve quality of life.

Education and career

Eline van Hengel obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente. During her master’s, she followed a specialization in Bionanotechnology and Advanced Biomanufacturing at the University of Twente. As a graduate student, she worked in the Department of Developmental BioEngineering, University of Twente, under the supervision of prof.dr. H.B.J. Karperien. Here she successfully defended her thesis titled "Evaluation of hydrogel, temperature and oxygen influence on human chondrocytes in in vitro culture-based models".

In 2022 she started as PhD Student at the Laboratory of Experimental Transplantation and Intestinal Surgery (LETIS), Department of Surgery, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, under the supervision of prof. L.J.W. van der Laan. Her current research focuses on liver tissue engineering, including liver decellularization, organoids, and stem cell culture.


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Teaching activities

Supervision of BSc and MSc students.

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