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Principal Investigator

E.G. (Bert) Mik, PhD

Associate professor

Experimental anesthesia




Bert Mik’s research focuses on the development and use of novel techniques to comprehensively measure tissue oxygenation and cellular oxygen utilization in vivo. Microvascular oxygen tension (μPO2) is measured by means of oxygen-dependent quenching of phosphorescence of injectable oxygen-sensitive dyes. Mitochon-drial oxygen tension (mitoPO2) is measured by delayed fluorescence of protoporphyrin IX. Recent technical advances now allow the simultaneous measurement of μPO2 and mitoPO2 in complex animal models. Next to comprehensive tissue oxygen measurements also a method for assessment of mitochondrial respiration in vivo has been developed. The Laboratory of Experimental Anesthesiology now possesses a unique setup for measuring oxygenation and oxygen consumption at the subcellular level in vivo. Topics of interest are mitochondrial dysfunction in sepsis and cellular adaptation to changes in oxygen homeostasis (oxygen conformance of metabolism).
Next to the preclinical research Bert Mik developed a clinical device for monitoring Cellular Oxygen METabolism (COMET), based on the delayed fluorescence lifetime technique for mitoPO2 measurements. Commercial versions of COMET have become available in 2016 and several clinical studies in and outside the ErasmusMC are currently being performed.

Field(s) of expertise

Oxygen measurements
Monitoring technology
Mitochondrial (dys)function

Education and career

Dec.  2014  Associate professor in Anesthesiology.
2010-2011  Fellow Intensive Care (Erasmus MC).
2006-2010  Residency in Anesthesiology (Erasmus MC).
2003-2005  Internships and degree of MD (AMC).
1994-1998  Study Medicine “Doctoraal Geneeskunde” (AMC).
1992-1994 Applied Physics and Mathematics at the Technical
                   University Eindhoven.
Cum laude
University of Amsterdam
Date: 01-03-2011
Prof. dr. C. Ince (promotor), dr. C.J. Zuurbier (co-promotor)
Title: "Measuring Microvascular and Mitochondrial Oxygen Tension
Novel Techniques for Studying Tissue Oxygenation"

Teaching activities

2017-present block coordinator "Sensing and Stimulation of Ventilation and Circulation" of the master Technical Medicine
2015-present track coordinator "Sensing and Stimulation" of the master Technical Medicine

Other positions

2014-present member of “stuurgroep” Eread program
2014-2018      Scientific member of “Instituut voor Dierproeven”
2014 Member of “De Vrije Denkers” betreffende ACE vorming
2011-present  Head of Experimental Anesthesiology
2011-present  Member of the management team of the
                       Department of Anesthesiology at Erasmus MC.