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R.C. (Robert) Minnee, MD PhD

HPB and transplant researcher

  • Department
  • Surgery
  • Focus area
  • (Living) liver and kidney donation and transplantation - donor kidney machine perfusion
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I have been working as a transplant surgeon at Erasmus MC since 2016. I have mainly focused on liver and kidney transplants from both living donors and deceased donor organs. At the forefront of my vision lies a future where every individual in need of a life-saving liver or kidney transplant receives timely and equitable access to transplantation. I envision a healthcare landscape where the barriers to organ donation are minimized, and the potential of every donor organ is maximized through innovative techniques and technologies. This serves as the foundation of my research initiatives, driving me to explore new frontiers in transplantation.

Field(s) of expertise

The past five years I’ve focused on patient-oriented and translational research in living liver and kidney donation/transplantation and optimization of deceased donor kidneys via ex-situ machine perfusion. My research into obesity/bariatric surgery and aortic iliac calcifications/stenosis in kidney patients has resulted in becoming a tertiary referral center in the Netherlands for patients who have been rejected for transplantation in other transplant centers. I’ve conducted the first normothermic kidney perfusion in the Netherlands and executed the first randomized controlled trial between hypothermic and normothermic machine perfusion in deceased donor kidneys worldwide. In my research on living liver and kidney donors, I focus on reducing risks through the introduction of minimally invasive techniques, while also prioritizing quality of life and expanding the donor pool safely.

Education and career

2019: FEBS Transplant Surgery, European certified transplant surgeon

2016-present: Consultant transplant surgeon, department HPB & transplant surgery, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam 

2015-2016: Fellowship abdominal transplant surgery, UZ Leuven, Belgium

2015: Master Clinical Epidemiology, UvA-AMC

2009-2015: Surgical resident, Amsterdam

2009: PhD 'Surgical outcome of renal transplantation', University of Amsterdam

Key publications

Teaching activities

- Minor Regenerative Medicine

- Minor Organ Transplantation

My Groups