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R.H.N. (Ron) van Schaik, PhD

Professor Pharmacogenetics

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  • Clinical Chemistry
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Prof. Dr. Ron HN van Schaik (PhD/FACB/EuSpLM) is a European Specialist Laboratory Medicine and Professor Pharmacogenetics. He leads the International (IFCC) Pharmacogenetics Expertcenter and the Unit Research & Development of the Dept. Clinical Chemistry. Prof van Schaik studied Chemistry at Utrecht University with a PhD in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology in 1992. He was employed at Erasmus MC (Dept Endocrinology 1992-1996, Dept. Pathology 1996-1997) working on molecular markers for the detection of gonadal tumors, prostate and colon cancer. From 1998 he was appointed at Dept Clinical Chemistry working on Pharmacogenetics. He did a residency Clinical Chemistry 1999-2003, after which he was appointed as Laboratory Specialist Clinical Chemistry. In 2013, he was appointed Professor Pharmacogenetics at the Dept. Clinical Chemistry.

The research of Prof van Schaik focusses on the clinical implementation of DNA analysis to guide drug therapy. Research topics include Solid Organ Transplantation, Oncology, Pain and Psychiatry, as well as the use of cell free DNA as a biomarker in oncology and solid organ transplant rejection. Additional lines of research are Cardiac Markers and Prostate Cancer. Prof van Schaik has published >290 articles (h-index 63) and has given >500 invited lectures at national and international conferences. He participates in several national and international committees on pharmacogenetics.


Other positions

Prof van Schaik is active in several national and international commitees and societies, among which: European Society for Pharmacogenomics and Personalised Therapy ESPT (President, 2016-present), IFCC Task Force Pharmacogenetics (Chair, 2008–2016), IFCC Working group cell free DNA (Chair, 2018-present), IATDMCT PGx-Committee (chair, 2008-2014), IUPHAR PGx-committee (2015-present), AACC Personalized Medicine Division (2012-2016), the PGx Working Group EMA (2010-present), the Ducth Clinical Pharmacogenetics Network (chair, 206-present) and the Dutch PGx-working group (DPWG; 2005-present).