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Research group/lab  |  Vincenzo Bonifati, MD, PhD, Group Head

Molecular Mechanisms of Movement Disorders

We focus on finding genes involved in Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders, as a key to understand the molecular mechanisms of these diseases.

About our research group/lab

Our research

Molecular mechanisms of movement disorders

We are searching for genes involved in Parkinson’s disease (PD) and other movement disorders. PD is a common degenerative disease of the brain, and its pathogenesis remains poorly understood. Our research may provide novel clues for understanding of the disease mechanisms and identifying novel targets for therapies to stop and prevent the disease. 

Gene finding

Our group uses unbiased strategies to identify novel genes causing or predisposing to PD and other movement disorders. Our approaches include studies of familial forms and early onset forms of disease, and modern sequencing technologies (exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing).

Functional studies

To investigate the disease mechanisms we use iPS-derived neuronal and glial cell cultures and brain organoids applying genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic technologies.

Key Publications


Department Neurology; The Erasmus MC Genetics of Parkinson Study.

Funding & Grants

Our research is supported by grants from:

Our team

Principal Investigator

  • Vincenzo Bonifati, MD, PhD, Group Head.

Research team members

  • Wim Mandemakers, PhD, staff scientist.
  • Guido Breedveld, BSc, senior research technician.
  • Ana Carreras Mascaró, PhD student.
  • Martyna Grochowska, PhD student.
  • Christina Fevga, PhD student.
  • Federico Ferraro, PhD student.
  • Philippe Wawrzyniak, PhD student.
  • Ece Bilgic, MSc student.
  • Valerie Boumeester, research technician.

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