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Erasmus MC Graduate School celebrates 1-year anniversary

May 1, 2023

For exactly one year, the existing and new Research Masters and PhD tracks have been part of Erasmus MC Graduate School. The commitment to the students, with a lot of personal guidance and room for their own initiative, is what the various programs and tracks have in common. During the month of May, Erasmus MC Graduate School is celebrating.


Erasmus MC Graduate School offers Research Master’s and PhD education to train future world-class researchers in clinical, health science and/or biomedical fields in a stimulating environment. Students and PhD candidates are challenged to pursue their interests. They receive guidance from committed supervisors and set up their own research. This helps them develop into self-reliant and autonomous scientists driven by curiosity. Thinkers who act. 

The one-year anniversary is a celebratory moment for Erasmus MC Graduate School. Research master students, PhD candidates, lecturers, supervisors and teaching assistants are invited to celebrate on the 15th of May. They will receive an email with the invitation.


Maarten Frens, pro-dean of education: ‘Over the past year, we have worked hard to join forces. Each Research Master has its strengths. In addition, the Graduate School has developed new PhD programs. By working together on content and organization, we are improving the programs. We are also looking into strengthening our education within the Convergence with Erasmus University Rotterdam and Delft University of Technology.’  

Check the new Erasmus MC Graduate School page here