New website Erasmus MC

January 21, 2019

Erasmus MC has a new website since Monday, 21 January 2019. People visiting the new website will see a different homepage, updated information and improved navigation.

The public website shows updated, relevant information. The new website contains Erasmus MC’s 500 most visited webpages. Besides a Top 500, it contains the recently launched Erasmus MC-Sophia website. The children’s hospital has been involved in the development of the new corporate site since 2016.


“The new website is developed with a focus on the needs of the visitors”, says Reinier Etienne, Product owner “Patients want a compact website with a clear structure which allows them to easily find the information they need. Customer service has been given priority over the amount of content or long passages of text. Also important is look of the site on your mobile phone or tablet. Moreover, the site meets the demands of safety and accessibility.”

Mireille Spapens, head of the department of Communications: “Erasmus MC was in need of a new website with a fresh, contemporary look. Obviously, this is only the first step in digital services: we will update and renew the website continuously. Therefore, all feedback is welcome. While we were developing the website, users played an important role and this will continue to be the case. Involving users, enables us to keep improving the website.”


Visitors will still be able to find everything from the old website via the search engine for one more year and via a link from the homepage of the new site. Web pages of the old site are now available via