Body donation

After your death, you can donate your body to science. Physicians and specialists in training can then continue to develop in their field of expertise.

How to donate your body

In the Netherlands, it is common practice to opt for burial or cremation when someone dies. Less well-known is the possibility for people to donate their body to science. They ‘donate’ their body so that future physicians and specialists can continue to develop in their field of expertise.  

You must register to donate your body for medical research and education after death.

Because of the increasing interest in donating bodies to science, Erasmus MC now uses postal codes for registrations. If you live in the areas with postal codes 2000-5600 then you are eligible to register.

You can register by filling in our contact form. You can also give us a call at +31 10 704 32 79.

This leaflet gives information about donating your body (Dutch only).

Leftover tissue 

During the course of a treatment patients regularly need to provide cell or tissue samples. These body material samples will be used to identify the medical condition. Some of the leftover cells and/or tissue will be stored. The rest will be destroyed.

In some cases leftover tissue will be stored for medical research. The leaflet Leftover tissue for medical research (Dutch only) will provide you with information on the rules that apply and your rights as a patient. 

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