Outpatient Pharmacy

The Outpatient Pharmacy, located in the Passage or at Zimmermanweg, is available for patients.

Patients can pick up their prescription medication here from Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm. 

Contact Wytemaweg

The pharmacy can be reached at:

  • Telephone: +31 10 703 04 24. 
  • Fax number +31 10 703 04 25.
  • Using the contact form below.

Contact Zimmermanweg

The pharmacy can be reached at:

  • Telephone +31 10 704 21 16.
  • Fax number +31 10 704 21 19.
  • Using the contact form below.

Do you have questions?

Please contact us.

The Hospital Pharmacy’s 

The Hospital Pharmacy is responsible for purchasing medicines for Erasmus MC and the Rijndam Rehabilitation Center. We only supply departments or pharmacies, and do not have a service for private individuals.

Dr. P.H.M. van der Kuy, Head of the Pharmacy says: “The Hospital Pharmacy is a modern, dynamic department in an innovative environment where the latest medical and pharmaceutical developments take place. We aim for a recognized and leading position in the field of integrated pharmaceutical patient care, education, research, and training.” 

The Hospital Pharmacy’s GMP level is sufficient and it has a manufacturer’s license for clinical drug research. Furthermore, our laboratory is CCKL accredited. CCKL is the leading Dutch institute for the promotion of quality in laboratory research and for the accreditation of laboratories in the healthcare sector. 


You can contact the hospital pharmacy by using our contact form or by post: 

Erasmus MC Hospital Pharmacy 
Postbus 2040  
3000 CA Rotterdam

Do you have questions?

Please contact us.