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Medical Social Welfare Service

Medical social workers provide support and counselling for you and your loved ones if you encounter problems relating to your illness.

About us

What do we do

What is medical social welfare?

You may run into certain work-related or financial problems on account of your illness or medical condition. At the same time, you also need to come to terms emotionally with your disease and its treatment. Our medical social workers can help you to overcome problems stemming from your illness or condition.

You can make an appointment for support or counselling. Once you have registered, one of our medical social workers will arrange an intake interview with you and, if you wish, one or more family members or close friends. If the problems prove not to be related to your illness, we may refer you to an external counsellor or social worker. 

Your physician may also ask the medical social worker to conduct a psycho-social assessment.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to provide emotional and social support and thus improve your quality of life.

What sort of problems do we deal with?

These are some of the problems that our medical social workers can help you with:

  • coming to terms with your disease and treatment;
  • family and relationship problems;
  • talking about your medical condition;
  • talking to young children about your disease and treatment;
  • adjusting to a new social situation;
  • coping with loss or bereavement;
  • questions about work and reintegration;
  • questions about social support and other facilities;
  • financial problems.

Any questions or comments?

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