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Spiritual counselling

A hospital stay can be a distressing or even traumatic experience during which you may feel uncertain, tense or insecure. It can also open up other feelings. A spiritual counsellor offers professional help, support and advice on spiritual matters, about how to find meaning in life, and on the ultimate questions of life and death.


What do we do

What is spiritual counselling?

We can offer you an opportunity to have a confidential, personal conversation about whatever it is that concerns you and about the potential implications. We follow a basic counselling method that involves helping you to pursue an inner dialogue with yourself.

In addition to the type of counselling referred to above, you can also consult us about certain philosophical or cultural issues, or if you would like to undergo a ritual based on your own religious tradition.

What is our aim?

Our aim in this is to help you to reconnect with yourself and with others, with your own values, with your inner spiritual sources of inspiration, or with God or your own specific perception of life. The resilience created by this process will help you to come to terms with your situation.

What sort of problems do we deal with?

These are some of the problems that we can help you with:

  • finding meaning in life and death (questions such as ‘Why?’, as well as issues involving identity and your experience of illness);
  • spiritual issues;
  • moral dilemmas: what is the right thing to do?
  • bridging the gap of understanding between physicians, patients and their families in relation to issues involving ethics, culture or religion;
  • questions about death and dying;
  • the need to undergo a ritual.

Although your contact with a spiritual counsellor may be based on a particular faith, this is by no means a precondition.


We work in close harmony with members of other disciplines in the Psychosocial Care Department (such as the staff of the Medical Social Welfare Service, psychologists, psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses), as well as physicians and nurses from the medical departments.

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