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Virus Facts Podcast

February 16, 2022

Episode #11- What will be the next variant? A model predicts it (S02). The pandemic seems to be coming to an end: tomorrow the cabinet is likely to announce that there will be a major relaxation. Good news, but we have to remain careful, say Diederik Gommers and Marion Koopmans in this episode of Virus Facts. They also talk about a study into cardiovascular diseases after a corona infection and a model that can predict new variants.

When it comes to the coronavirus, you mainly hear about measures and opinions. What you hear much less are the facts. How far advanced are scientists in their fight against corona. What they learn every day about the virus and about the best way to fight it.


Listen to the podcast #11 (in Dutch)
Listen to the Virus Facts Podcast (you can find all episodes here, in Dutch).