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Paul Nijgh medal awarded to Claudia Mulders

July 14, 2022

Every other year, the Paul Nijgh medal is presented to a number of fellow citizens in the Civic Hall of the City Hall. This year, on Monday 13 June, Mayor Aboutaleb presented the Paul Nijgh medals to six care professionals from various disciplines.

The medal is intended for fellow citizens of the city 'who have distinguished themselves professionally or honorably'. During the corona period, all care professionals were at the forefront of helping all people with a corona infection. Therefore, the board decided to award six medals instead of the usual three. The six laureates received the medals on behalf of all healthcare professionals in Rotterdam.
The six Paul Nijgh Medals were presented by the Mayor to Timo Boelsums (Municipal Health Service), Annemarieke van Heiningen (ICU nurses), Rutger Jongejan (Ambulance drivers and emergency staff), Claudia Mulders (Laboratory technicians), Dilek Kaya Topal (Cleaners) and Anne Hanschke ('Auxiliary staff').

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