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Pearl for research into combining corona vaccines

November 7, 2022

On November 3, the SWITCH consortium led by Prof. Hugo van der Kuy received a Pearl from ZonMw. Their SWITCH trial proved that it is quite possible to switch to the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine after a first corona vaccination with Janssen: combining different vaccines – heterologous vaccination – leads to better protection. With their effective collaboration and enthusiastic commitment, the researchers were able to quickly gather new knowledge, despite the difficult circumstances.

Het SWITCH-consortium ontvangt een Parel van ZonMw.

ZonMw pearl for the SWITCH trial

This study has been honored in an urgent subsidy process of the COVID-19 sub-programme Vaccine Studies. Partly due to the international involvement and the use of a communication route set up by ZonMw with the Health Council, RIVM and VWS, this study was of great added value for the vaccination strategy in the Netherlands and for fighting the corona crisis worldwide. Due to its success and great impact, the SWITCH trial has received a ZonMw pearl.

Read the interview and watch the film (in Dutch)

The entire interview with Hugo van der Kuy can be read on the Pearl page. In the interview, he tells more about the success achieved and how this came about, and what follow-up steps are being taken. In the pearl film, Ben van der Zeijst, emeritus professor of vaccines and vaccinations, and Cecile van Els, professor of vaccinology are also interviewed, and a striking animation explains more about the content of the study.