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KNAW Podcast on global health

March 6, 2023


BMW-MG-Kanaar-Logo-KNAWIn the new KNAW podcast series we talk about 'planetary health', the way in which global environmental changes affect our health.

Think of how climate change causes outbreaks of infectious diseases or the consequences for our food supply when biodiversity declines. Climate stress and the ways in which we can change our behavior to prevent global environmental change are also discussed.

During each episode, two experts talk to journalist Margreet Reijntjes.

Episode 1 - Are there more infectious diseases due to global environmental changes?

During this episode, we discuss the connection between infectious diseases and global environmental changes with professors and KNAW members Johan Mackenbach and Ron Fouchier. Think of malaria. Global warming is changing the habitat of malaria mosquitoes, causing infectious diseases to spread more widely. Deforestation also affects the spread of infectious diseases.

Listen to the Podcast via: https://app.springcast.fm/player/episode/50582?theme=custom