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Frank van Vliet receives royal decoration

May 1, 2023

Until recently, Frank van Vliet was Managing Director of the Research Master Infection & Immunity (I&I) and the Research School of Molecular Medicine (MolMed) at Erasmus MC, appointed via the Viroscience department. Frank has built up an excellent reputation within and outside Erasmus MC. He played a crucial role in initiating, organizing and facilitating the educational programs within the graduate school. Frank has set up an extensive educational program, from basic and subject-oriented to specialized courses and symposia. All this ran smoothly thanks to his extensive network of many hundreds of students, researchers, lecturers and other stakeholders within and outside Erasmus MC.

In addition, he has always devoted 1000% to the housing of students in Rotterdam, including with a housing foundation that he set up. Frank did this from a great sense of responsibility for the ups and downs of students in a broad sense, and from the idea that they should feel welcome in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam and at I&I. Together with Frank's other activities for the benefit of Dutch society (e.g. against slumlords in Rotterdam), there was sufficient reason to put him in the spotlight during the 'Lintjesregen' of 2023. This happened in his hometown of Utrecht.