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NWO grant for researcher Michiel van Gent

July 3, 2023

NWO grant for Michiel van Gent: Intrinsic defense against viral infections of the nervous system

Seven scientists from Erasmus MC receive a grant from NWO for their research. This will enable the laureates to develop an innovative line of research over the next five years and to further expand their own research group. Six Vidis have been awarded and a subsidy through the Open Technology Programme. Michiel van Gent is one of them

Viral infections of the nervous system can have very serious consequences, such as permanent neurological damage in newborns, eye infections that can lead to permanent blindness, and inflammation in the brain with fatal outcome.

This research will determine how nerve cells arm themselves against these infections to ensure that harmful viruses cannot enter. A better understanding of these protective processes will provide starting points for the development of new drugs and therapies to combat these viral infections and thus prevent serious disorders of the nervous system.