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Presentation of the Paul Nijgh medal

November 25, 2021

Video with Claudia Smulders and her fellow lab technicians, virology department at Erasmus MC

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25 October

The Paul Nijgh medal is awarded each year to people in Rotterdam who have made a special achievement, either in their work or as a volunteer.

This year the Paul Nijgh medal will not be presented to three, but to six people in Rotterdam. In six care domains they showed exceptional perseverance, innovativeness and leadership in a special situation. And, with them, thousands of other healthcare workers.

Paul Nijgh Penning, 1956

Open Rotterdam made a series of portraits about the laureates of the Paul Nijgh medal. This time, Claudia Smulders and her fellow lab technicians from the clinical virology department at Erasmus MC are put in the spotlight. On some peak days they had to process 2,500 samples due to the coronate tests. To compare: on a regular day the team processes about 250 samples.

Watch the video below (in Dutch).


The Paul Nijgh medals will be presented by Mayor Aboutaleb at City Hall on November 17.

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