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November 18, 2021

In the middle of Rotterdam you will find the Erasmus Medical Center, not only an academic hospital but also a breeding ground for scientific research. In eight episodes, Rijnmond speaks to scientists, doctors, students and patients. Who could suspect that so many discoveries in healthcare come straight from the heart of our city?

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Viroscience Episode

19 October

Marion Koopmans

This episode focuses on virology, a topical subject where Erasmus MC has been a leader in research and interpretation for many years. We speak with Rory de Vries, a passionate virologist who devised a nasal spray against Covid. Marion Koopmans talks about the Pandemic and Disaster Preparedness Centre, a collaboration with TU Delft and others. Bas Jonkman is a professor there, and he talks about the connection between virology and floods, and how this PDPC will contribute to protecting people as best as possible. But virology can't do without critters, which is why city ecologist André de Baerdemaker takes us up on the roof to look at the fauna of Erasmus MC.

Watch the episode (in Dutch)