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VEO report No. 8, 08 October 2021

November 5, 2021

VEO submits the sixth report on mutations and variation in publicly shared SARS-CoV-2 raw sequencing data.


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In its eighth report to the European Commission, VEO Consortium members summarize mobilisation and analysis of SARS-CoV-2 sequence data submitted to the European COVID-19 Data Platform in the context of the VEO project, which aims to develop tools and data analytics for pandemic and outbreak preparedness.


  • Update on mobilisation of raw reads, now totaling sequencing data sets from 1,549,740 viral raw read sets from 75 countries, a 47% increase since the previous report.
  • The variant nomenclature has been updated, and tables on countries depositing data on VOC and VOI have been included.
  • The variant calling workflow for the Oxford Nanopore data has been implemented and 78,154 samples of the total 151,031 have been processed so far.
  • A new variant was named by WHO, designated Mu (Pango lineage B.1621). In regions with high prevalence of Delta variant, this virus does not seem to increase in prevalence, but it was put under increased surveillance because of dissemination in some countries, particularly in South America.

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