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Research group/lab  |  Antimicrobial Resistance, Therapeutics and molecular Epidemiology (ARTE)

Improving treatment of mycobacterial infections

The Mycobacterial Research Group currently consists of 2 PIs, 1 post-doc, 4 laboratory technicians and 2 PhD students.

About our research group/lab

Our research

The main focus of the Mycobacterial Research Group is improving the treatment of mycobacterial infections including tuberculosis and infections with nontuberculous mycobacteria. To this aim we assess the activity and efficacy of different novel antimycobacterial drugs and drug regimens using a combination of different preclinical models including the in vitro time-kill kinetics assay and hollow fiber infection model, the ex vivo intracellular infection model as well as the murine tuberculosis model. By combining the results of these different assays we aim to improve the predictive value of preclinical antimycobacterial drug evaluation.

Key Publications


Collaborations within Erasmus MC:

  • Department of Immunology
  • Department of Pulmonology
  • Department of Dermatology

Collaborations outside of Erasmus MC:

  • Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
    Preclinical drug development team
    New York, USA
  • Uppsala University
    Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences
    Uppsala, Sweden
  • Amsterdam UMC
    Medical Microbiology & Infection Control
    Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • University of Sussex
    Brighton and Sussex Medical School
    Brighton, UK
  • University Medical Centre Groningen
    Department of Pulmonology
    Groningen, the Netherlands
  • University of Liverpool
    Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
    Liverpool, UK

Funding & Grants

  • Netherlands Antibiotic Development Platform (NADP)
    Lead development Voucher
    Double Trouble for TB
  • Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking programme
    EU Patient-cEntric clinical tRial pLatforms (EU-PEARL)
  • TB Alliance
    Preclinical drug efficacy studies