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Research project  |  a home-based rehabilitation tool

Arm coach for stroke

Status: Ongoing project: 01-07-2020 - 01-07-2024

We aim to develop and evaluate an interactive coach, using wearable motion sensors to stimulate and optimize paretic arm use and exercise in the home context.

What we do

About our project


A stroke is a common and disabling disorder, that often affects arm activities. After stroke intensive arm therapy is essential for gaining and retaining functional improvements. Because of high costs, shortage of therapists, patient burden and adherence issues, intensive arm

treatment is scarcely applied, and this will become even more challenging in the future. Therefore, there is an urgent need for sustainable, technology-supported and motivating treatment in the home setting, with direct supervision of a therapist only if needed.


Project aim:

The multidisciplinary ArmCoach4Stroke project aims to develop and evaluate a new and interactive therapy aid based on wearable motion sensors to stimulate and optimize the daily use and exercise of the affected arm in the home environment by objective, personalized feedback to the patient and his/her therapist.


Envisioned clinical impact:

The ArmCoach4Stroke will provide the necessary intensive arm therapy that patients lack in current clinical practice, thus improving daily functioning, independence and quality of life and making rehabilitation care more efficient and sustainable for this vulnerable and growing group.


Our research focus

Stroke rehabilitation

Upper extremity impairment

Rehabilitation technology

Home-based rehabilitation

Motivation and compliance

Exercise intensity

User-centred design

Wearable motion sensors (Inertial Measurement Units)

Algorithm development;

Verification and validation


Funds & Grants


The Dutch Heart Foundation, NWO

ZonMw, the Netherlands, Grant [104021001].


Technical University Delft, Department of Industrial Design, Delft, The Netherlands.

University Twente, Department of Biomedical Signals and Systems, Enschede, The Netherlands.

Amsterdam UMC, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Rijndam Rehabilitation Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Umaco B.V., Groningen, The Netherlands.

2M Engineering, Valkenswaard, The Netherlands.

Our team

Dr. Hans Bussmann, PhD, Project Leader

Dr. Ruben Regterschot, PhD, Project Coordinator and Postdoctoral researcher.

Prof. dr. Gerard Ribbers PhD, HeadDepartment

Prof. dr. Ruud Selles, advisor


Contact us

J.B.J. Bussmann: j.b.j.bussmann@erasmusmc.nl