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Research project

GP eHealth Framework

Status: Ongoing (March - December 2024)

A framework for evaluating eHealth technologies before implementation in general practice: a Delphi study.

What we do

About our project

eHealth technologies are suggested as solutions to make general practice more efficient and reduce the workload on providers. However, while there are a lot of new eHealth tools, there is often not enough evidence to show that they actually work. Moreover, it is unclear how eHealth technologies in general practice should be evaluated

Our goal is to develop a practical framework and checklist to help general practitioners evaluate eHealth technologies effectively, ensuring that only the most beneficial ones are implemented to improve patient care.

The study will consist of two phases of Delphi rounds. One phase to develop a consensus-based framework and a second phase to develop an accompanying checklist. Each phase will have a maximum of four Delphi rounds, one to brainstorm statements and a maximum of three following rounds to achieve consensus.

The Delphi study will be held with an expert panel, representing a broad group of stakeholders with expertise in the field of eHealth technologies in general practice. These are: general practitioners, supporting staff, patients, researchers, design and implementation experts, information officers, legal experts, policy makers and insurers.

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Our research focus

The outcome will be a framework and checklist to evaluate eHealth technologies in primary care.

Our team