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MycetOS: Mycetoma Open Source Drug Discovery

Status: Ongoing project, start date: 2017; end date: not applicable

The Mycetoma Open Source project (MycetOS) is an open source drug discovery project to discover new treatments for fungal mycetoma.

What we do

About our project


MycetOS is an Open Source drug discovery project which uses an Open Pharma approach to discover new chemical entities for mycetoma caused by Madurella mycetomatis, the main causative agent of fungal mycetoma. The project will identify novel lead compounds to treat mycetoma.

Open Source

The project uses an open approach which means that the it will progress discovery efforts through community-driven and in kind scientific contributions. Compounds are donated and are tested for in vitro activity in our laboratory. Results will be published immediately in real time in an open-access database.

Results so far

In this project we have screened the pathogen and stasis boxes from MMV and identified the fenarimol compounds as potent anti-mycetoma agents. More recently we also screened the pandemic box to identify more potent anti-mycetoma compounds. Online discussions are ongoing to determine which compound libraries we should screen next. 

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Our research focus


In this project we demonstrated that the fenarimol compounds were potent inhibitors of M. mycetomatis growth. However not all compounds were able to penetrate the mycetoma grain. Therefore additional fenarimol analogues are being screened to determine the chemical properties needed for a molecule to penetrate the mycetoma grain. This information will help us in designing effective drugs for mycetoma.

Other compounds

Next to the fenarimol analogues, several other compounds were able to inhibit M. mycetomatis growth or penetrate the grain. Compound libraries are currently sought of these compounds to assess which compounds are most effective in penetrating mycetoma grains.


Since this project is an Open Source project, it means that everybody interested in drug discovery can participate. Via our GitHub page you can participate in our online discussions, see the results and propose novel compounds to be screened.


  • Professor Matthew H. Todd, PhD
    Chair of Drug Discovery,
    School of Pharmacy,
    University College London,
    United Kingdom
  • Jean-Robert Ioset, PhD
    Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative
    Geneva, Switzerland
  • Ben Berry, PhD
    Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative
    Geneva, Switzerland


Lim W., Melse Y., Konings M., Phat Duong H., Eadie K., Laleu B., Todd M.H., Ioset J.R., van de Sande W.W.J. (2018) Addressing the most neglected diseases through an open research model: The discovery of fenarimols as novel drug candidates for eumycetoma. PLoS Negl Trop Dis 12(4):e0006437

Our team

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