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Research project

PEER - Allergenicity of the Migo pear and the Conference pear

Status: Start date:01-07-2019 End date: 01-07-2021

In a single blind oral challenge study, in birch pollen allergic patients, the allergenicity of the Migo pear will be compared with the conferance pear.

What we do

About our project

The European Fruit co-operation (EFC) and Green Star –kanzi Europe NV (GKE_NV) have interest in introducing a hypoallergenic pear crop on the market. EFC and GKE NV have expressed interest to carry out a humne study with skin prick test and oral food challenges to test the hypo allergenic properties of Migo pear in patients with a birch pollen allergy.

Primary and secondary objectives
Primary: Can the Migo pear be consumed without symptoms in pear allergic patients? Secondary: What is the difference in the amout of pear, at which the patients experience symptoms, between the Migo and the conference pear? What is the difference in skin prick test reaction in the patient between juice of the Migo pear and the conference pear?

Clinical study
A minimum of 15 patients will be included. Day one: A questionnaire will be completed about specific diet history and specific pear related allergic symptoms in history. Skin prick test and prick -to -prick test will be performed with both pears, and with birch pollen, a blood sample will be collected and one of both pears will be challenged in 5 incremental doses. On the second day the other pear will be challenged. Patients will be blinded. Specific IgE will be measured (ImmunoCAP) against pear and birch pollen.

Our research focus

Research focus
The research focuses specifically on the allergenic character of both pears. Some consumers with an apple allergy indicate they can eat the Migo pear without experiencing allergy symptoms, while they earlier experienced allergic symptoms eating other pears. The patients included should therefor have symptoms on one of both pears, meaning that they have a confirmed pear allergy.

The main focus of the study is to determine the feasibility of conducting a claim that the Migo pear is a hypoallergenic pear crop. The only way to investigate this is by performing oral challenges in pear allergic patients.

Cross- reactivity
As pear allergy is in most cases caused by cross reactivity with birch pollen, the symptoms will be mild e.g. oral allergy symptoms. These consist in tingling of the tongue and mouth. Swollen lips or tongue, but also gastro-intestinal symptoms are possible. The research focus will therefor also be on the severity of symptoms, and the specific dose the patient reacts to.

Funds & Grants

The study is fully granted by the European Fruit Co-operation and Green star-Kanzi Europe (GKE NV)


Internal collaboration:
Laboratoy immunology
Clinical Immunology

External collaboration:
WUR; Food and biobased research Wageningen



So far no publications

Our team

Dr N.W. de Jong; n.w.dejong@erasmusmc.nl
S. Terlouw: s.terlouw@erasmusmc.nl
M.S. van Maaren: m.vanmaaren@erasmusmc.nl
S. Bastiaan-Net: s.bastiaan@wur.nl