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Research project


Status: Ongoing project

The ReumaTracker is a collaboration between the departments of Rheumatology, Dermatology, Gastroenterology, Immunology and the Hospital Pharmacy. The registry is set up as a value-based healthcare initiative for patients with IMIDs, in which we also monitor side-effects in an uniform way. The ReumaTracker is a healthcare research project, which means that the outcomes of the study are directly implemented into daily practice, and not primarily meant to answer a scientific research question.

What we do

About our project

Value-based healthcare strives to deliver high quality of care against low costs. High quality of care is reached by not only focusing on disease outcomes, but also on patient reported outcomes (PROs) that matter to patients. In advance to their appointment, patients are asked to fill out online questionnaires about outcomes that may be affected by their disease, such as fatigue or quality of life. By embedding PROs into daily care, the healthcare provider gets an overview of the patients’ needs. Patient and physician can, based on disease outcomes and PROs, decide together which treatment fits best.

PROs can be compared on an overarching level, for instance for different inflammatory diseases or for patients that are prescribed the same therapy.
The goal of such a comparison is to seek for targets upon which healthcare can be improved.

Our research focus

Overarching PROs that are measured are fatigue, treatment satisfaction, self-reported side effects, quality of life, medication adherance and work participation.
Two PhD projects are connected to the ReumaTracker; one project on atopic eczema outcomes and one multicenter project about value-based healthcare pathways for inflammatory bowel disease.

Our team

Contact us: reumatracker@erasmusmc.nl

P.H.P. de Jong, MD PhD