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Profile picture of Esther Bron

E.E. (Esther) Bron, PhD

Principal Investigator

Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator of Neuroimage Analysis & Machine Learning

  • Department
  • Radiology & Nuclear Medicine
  • Focus area
  • Biomedical Image Acquisition & Analysis



Main research interest is advanced analysis of brain MRI for improving diagnostics.

Currently, she is mainly working on disease progression modeling of neurodegenerative diseases. This work led to development
of the Discriminative Event-Based Model (DEBM). Esther collaborates with the Progression Of Neurodegenerative Disease
(POND) group at University College London, with whom she is organizing the TADPOLE challenge which evaluates which data,
processing pipelines, and predictive models provide the best estimates of future AD progression. In 2018, she won the Young
eScientist Award which led to a collaboration with the Netherlands eScience Center on the TADPOLE-SHARE project.