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Profilephoto of J.J. van Busschbach, PhD
Principal Investigator

J.J. van Busschbach PhD

Full Professor and head of the section Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy

  • Department
  • Psychiatry
  • Focus area
  • Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy



Within Medical Psychology, my main research topics are health related quality of life measurement and the (cost )effectiveness of psychotherapy in personality disorder. Beside these research topics, I’m involved in research related to psychological aspects of living kidney donation. I have an interest in the operationalisation (measurement) of other than cost effectiveness arguments in reimbursement decisions, like distributional and ethical arguments.

Field(s) of expertise

Quality of life Health Technology Assessment Living kidney donation Psychometrics Health economics Ethics.

Education and career

I studied psychology at the Utrecht University and graduated In 1988 cum laude in psychophysiology (the validity of neuropsychological diagnostic tests) and psychometrics (item response theory and the determination of unidimensionality).

My subsidiary subject was clinical neurophysiology. After fulfilling military services as first lieutenant, I started working at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. At this university I wrote my thesis about the validity of QALYs.


Publications on PubMed

Teaching activities

For years now, I have enjoyed teaching students using an interactive "problem oriented education strategy". My teaching at the Erasmus MC involves a three days course about measuring quality of life measurement in an international post graduate health sciences course (NIHES), the supervision on individual master theses and teaching at the faculties of psychology of the Erasmus University.

Supplementary to the university courses, I teach in several health economic seminaries for health professionals, both at a national and international level and have been part of more than 150 doctorate committees.

Other positions

  • 2020 – today Member of the Central Committee on Research Involving Human Subjects (CCMO)
  • 2016 - today Member of the Advisory Board National Insurance Package of National Health Care Insurance Board (Advies Commissie Pakket)

My Groups