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Principal Investigator

Dr. V.A.S.H. Dalm

Principal Investigator

  • Department
  • Immunology


Field(s) of expertise

Current Research Interest:

Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases (PIDs)
The vision of the Primary Immunodeficiency Disease working group is to

1) improve early diagnosis
2) individualize and personalize patient care
3) further implement novel therapies based on identified genetic defects and pathway disturbances involved 

in order to improve health outcome and quality of life in patients primary immunodeficiency diseases 

The research focus includes:

•Identification of the burden, cause and therapeutic options of non-infectious clinical complications in PID patients, including skin, endocrine and psychiatric disorders.

•Evaluation of PIDs as part of syndromic disorders (ao Netherton syndrome, Jacobsen syndrome)

•Prediction of disease-associated complications in PIDs (auto-inflammatory complications) by setting up an ex vivo model

•Providing a targeted, personalized therapy approach in PID patients: identification of novel genetic defects resulting in primary immunodeficiency diseases, evaluation of pathways involved in pathogenesis, in vitro analysis of therapeutic efficacy of novel compounds and implementation of new therapeutic strategies in clinical practice

•Evaluation of gene-therapy in PIDs

•Improving patients quality of life and clinical outcomes by implementation of value based healthcare

Education and career

2000: Doctoral Thesis, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Medical School
Preliminary studies on the expression and functional significance of somatostatin and its receptors in human macrophages (supervisors prof.dr. L.J. Hofland and prof.dr. P.M. van Hagen)

2003: PhD Thesis, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Somatostatin receptors and their ligands in the human immune system (promotor prof.dr. S.W.J. Lamberts, co-promotors prof.dr. L.J. Hofland and prof.dr. P.M. van Hagen)

2005: Medical Degree, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Medical School

2011: Registration Medical Specialist : Internist-clinical immunologist


For a full list of publications see: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=dalm+v