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Dirk-Jan Duncker
Principal Investigator

Prof. dr. D.J.G.M. (Dirk-Jan) Duncker

Professor of Experimental Cardiology

  • Department
  • Department of Cardiology
  • Focus area
  • Experimental Cardiology
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Dirk-Jan Duncker MD PhD is Professor of Experimental Cardiology at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Within the Department of Cardiology, he heads the section Experimental Cardiology which is focused on education and on basic and translational research of cardiovascular disease. His research interests include the regulation of coronary blood flow and cardiac function in health as well as in a variety of cardiovascular disorders, including metabolic disorders, ischaemic heart disease, cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure.

Field(s) of expertise

Cardiovascular physiology of cardiac function, coronary blood flow regulation and physical exercise; Cardiovascular pathophysiology of metabolic dysregulation, ischaemic heart disease, cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure.

Education and career

Dirk-Jan Duncker studied Medicine at Erasmus University Rotterdam, starting in 1979. Following his MSc degree in 1984, he interrupted his medical studies to obtain a PhD degree in Pharmacology in 1988 (promotor: Prof. dr. Pramod R. Saxena) and completed his MD training in 1989. From 1989 to 1991 he worked as a Post-Doctorate Research Fellow in the Laboratory for Experimental Cardiology at Erasmus MC (supervisor: Prof. dr. Pieter D. Verdouw), and subsequently from 1991 to 1994 in the Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, at the University of Minnesota from 1991-1994 (supervisor Prof. dr. Robert J. Bache). In 1994, he returned to Rotterdam, where he was appointed Associate Professor in 2000, and Professor of Experimental Cardiology in 2003.


Selection of textbook chapters:

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Selection of original publications: 

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Selection of review & position papers:

  1. Duncker DJ & Bache RJ. Regulation of Coronary Blood Flow during Exercise. Physiol Rev. 2008; 88:1009-1086.
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For a full list of > 375 scientific publications, see Pubmed 

Teaching activities

2000-2005: Director of Erasmus Arts 2007 Course: ‘Stoornissen in het milieu interieur’.

2000- present: Lecturer in various educational programs at Erasmus MC, including the Erasmus Arts 2020 curriculum (‘Stoornissen in het milieu interieur’), and COEUR / CardioVascular Institute (HVI), EARP, VECTOR, and USMLE courses.

Other positions

2006-2012: Scientific Director of the Cardiovascular Research Institute COEUR

2010-2014: Chair of the Cardiovascular Research Initiative Netherlands (CVON) committee.

2013-2015: Associate Editor of Cardiovascular Research 

2015-2017: Deputy Editor of Cardiovascular Research

2016-2019: Scientific Director of the Netherlands Heart Institute.

2016-2020: Member of the ESC Council on Basic Cardiovascular Science. 

2018-2020: Chair of the ESC Working Group on Coronary Pathophysiology & Microcirculation.

2019-2020: Guest Editor of Cardiovascular Research Spotlight Issue ‘Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction’

2018- : Member of the Steering Committee of the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance DCVA.

Scholarships, grants, and awards

1991: NATO Science Fellowship.

1992: Grant-in-Aid from the American Heart Association Minnesota Affiliate.

1994: Grant-in-Aid from the American Heart Association Minnesota Affiliate.

: Runner-up in "Melvin L. Marcus Young Investigator Award in Cardiovascular Integrated Physiology", 66th Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association.

: Izaak Korteweg en Anna Ida Overwaterfonds Award

: Erasmus University Rotterdam Young Investigator Research Award

1995: Academy Fellowship Stipend (Akademie-Onderzoeker) from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (K.N.A.W.)

1997: Irbesartan Research Award supported by Bristol-Myers Squibb and Sanofi

1998: Young Investigator Travel Award, "Vascular and Myocardial Aspects of Ischaemic Heart Disease" conference of the American Heart Association

1998: Grant from the Netherlands Heart Foundation (NHS-99-143)

1999: “Best Referee Award” of the Netherlands Heart Foundation Annual Grant Review

2000: “Established Investigator” stipend of the Netherlands Heart Foundation (2000T038): “Left ventricular remodeling produced by myocardial infarction.” 

2004: European Space Agency Grant (AO-99-LSS-006).

2007: Netherlands Heart Foundation Grant (NHS-2007-B024).

2008: Center for Translational Molecular Medicine Grant (CTMM-TRIUMPH).

: EU Grant (FP7-Health-2010: FP7-MEDIA).

: CVON Grant (CVON-2011-11: ARENA).

: CVON Grant (CVON-2014-11: RECONNECT).

: CVON Impulse Grant (CVON-2017: ARENA PRIME).

: Wellcome Trust Grant (205256/Z/16/Z).

: ‘Gabor Kayley Award’ from the Microcirculatory Society and the Cardiovascular Section of the American Physiological Society.