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Corine Geurts van Kessel
Principal Investigator

Dr. C.H. (Corine) Geurts van Kessel

Associate Professor

  • Department
  • virology
  • Focus area
  • Immunity against emerging viruses



The risk of emergence and spread of human pathogens originating from an animal reservoir has increased in the past decades, with COVID-19 being an example for the impact this can have.

It is my goal to contribute to a global approach in epidemic and pandemic preparedness against emerging viruses. I do this by combining my expertise in clinical virology and clinical studies with a keen interest in viral immunity.

Field(s) of expertise

My research focusses on :

  1. Prospective clinical studies in the Netherlands, Europe and worldwide. The goal of the studies is to answer key questions on immunity against emerging viral diseases and have rapid access to well-defined clinical specimen.
  2. The development of a scalable, diagnostic pipeline based on serology and virus cultures, as part of a national, broadly available immune platform.
  3. In depth understanding of viral immunity in encephalitis, with a specific focus on Rabies.

Teaching, capacity building and advise of policy makers is a key aspect within my research

Education and career

Dr Corine Geurts van Kessel obtained her medical degree at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2004. In 2009, she achieved her PhD at the departments of Virology and Pulmonary Medicine, on the role of dendritic cell subsets in influenza virus immunity. After her training as a clinical microbiologist at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam she now works as a clinical microbiologist/virologist at the department of Viroscience, Erasmus MC.

As a clinical virologist, Corine Geurts van Kessel performs expert consultations for patients of the Erasmus MC and for other hospitals within and outside the Netherlands. She leads the diagnostic laboratories of serology and virus culture, and is a member of the WHO reference laboratory of viral hemorrhagic fever, arboviruses and SARS CoV-2.  She has a specific (research) interest in filling the knowledge gaps in disease kinetics, immunity and diagnostics of (emerging) zoonotic infections.


See al publications of Corine Geurts-van Kessel on PubMed.

My Groups