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Principal Investigator

Dr. B. L. (Bart) Haagmans

Associate Professor

Associate Professor

  • Department
  • Viroscience
  • Focus area
  • Coronaviruses



My research line focusses on the pathogenesis of viral infections and especially those viruses that emerge through zoonotic transmission. This brings together work performed earlier at the Veterinary faculty in Utrecht and more recent work on human viruses in Rotterdam. Over the last five years we have characterised the genome of Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) coronavirus, identified the receptor used by this virus and contributed to the identification of the dromedary camel as the reservoir species. We have tested a vaccine candidate that reduces the transmission of MERS-CoV by vaccinating dromedary camels. These studies led to a more detailed understanding of the biology of this emerging virus and led to novel intervention strategies to contain the outbreak.

Other area's

In addition, we have characterised the genomes of many other novel viruses and their variants by full genome analysis, including ZIKA virus in the foetus of a woman with miscarriage. Special emphasis was put also on developing protocols for diagnostic work with ebolavirus in western Africa, the existing biosafety laboratories currently operational at the Viroscience Department and the newly built animal biosafety lab. This is compulsory to perform research with these highly pathogenic viruses taking into account appropriate biosafety and biosecurity measures

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