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A.K. (Anne) Kamps

PhD Student

  • Department
  • General Practice
  • Focus area
  • Osteoarthritis and its related comorbidities



Anne Kamps is a PhD student at the Department of General Practice at the Erasmus MC. After completing her medical internships including Sports medicine and ethical sciences, she received her master’s degree in medicine at the Erasmus MC in September 2018.

She worked for a year at the internal medicine ward, ER and ICU of a Peripheral Hospital in the area of Rotterdam and returned to the Erasmus MC November 2019 to start as a researcher.

Her research focusses on osteoarthritis and its related comorbidities; with a specific interest in the time span and sequence of development, and the association with risk factors like the use of NSAIDs in these comorbidities. The research project is an international collaboration between three other European General Practice research departments in Sweden, the UK and Spain and will take approximately three years.

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