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General Practice

We engage in research questions with clinical relevance for patients and general practitioners in primary care and in research questions regarding the health of people with an intellectual disability. In addition, we provide post-graduate trainings in general practice medicine and in intellectual disability medicine.

About our department

Our research

General Practice

Addresses research questions with clinical relevance for patients and general practitioners in primary care. We are especially focused and specialized in two main topics namely (I) musculoskeletal disorders and (II) diseases in children in general practice.

More information can be found on the research group page General Practice.

Intellectual Disability Medicine

Addresses research questions in the field of the physical and mental health of people with an intellectual disability.

For more information we refer you to the research group page Intellectual Disability Medicine and the website Goud Onbeperkt Gezond.

Principal Investigators

Head of department: Prof. dr. P.J.E. Bindels

General Practice
Prof. dr. B.W. Koes
Prof. dr. S.M.A. Bierma-Zeinstra

Intellectual Disability Medicine
Dr. T.I.M. Hilgenkamp
Dr. D.A.M. Maes-Festen

Research lines


DUO trial

Duloxetine for chronic osteoarthritis pain; an important alternative?


The FOCUM human disease model for development of osteoarthritis.

GRIP: Gout Research In Primary Care

The study of risk factors and treatment of gout in primary care.


Mental health of children and adolescents in general practice

A retrospective cohort study into the prevalence, time trends and management of mental health problems, and associated conditions, in children and adolescents in primary care.


OA Trial Bank

The OA Trial Bank: subgroup meta-analyses with individual patient data in osteoarthritis patients.



The SIX (Shoulder Injection and eXercise) study is a clinical study for the treatment of persistent shoulder pain in primary care.

SPRiNG: Starting Strong in Nursing

A cohort study investigating dropout and musculoskeletal complaints in nursing students.


SPRINT study: Injury prevention in runners

The next step towards the prevention of running related injuries: further development of a prevention program for recreational runners.

Drawing logo STAP study

STAP study: Soles as Treatment Against Pain in feet

A RCT in patients with plantar heel pain assessing the (cost)effectiveness of custom insoles by a podiatrist, compared to sham and usual care by the GP.

The Rotterdam Asthma Trial

Protocolled practice nurse-led care for children 6-12 years with asthma in primary care. Primary objective of the study is to determine the effect of protocolled practice nurse-led asthma care for children aged 6 to 12 years old in primary care on asthma control (compared to usual care).

Eczema study

The Rotterdam Eczema study

Effectiveness of different strenghts of topical steroids in children with eczema in general practice.


Epidemiological and statistical techniques/experience for clinical and large observational studies.

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