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Profile picture of Jan-Wiebe Korstanje
Principal Investigator

J.W.H. (Jan Wiebe) Korstanje MD, PhD

Assistant professor

Perioperative care




Every patient experiences his illness in his own way and expects a treatment tailored on his needs. This patient journey is unique for each patient and demands a more tailor-made approach from an anesthesiological point of view. My research focusses on incorporating new technology in two phases of the patient’s journey: the time before surgery and the time after surgery. The time before surgery can be used to optimize the patient to get “fit for surgery”. For example, streamlining your diet, physical fitness, and psychological resilience. To evaluate patient’s fitness, we need to develop and incorporate new technology to facilitate the patient from his home environment. A good example is the new development of our digital out-patient clinic in which we can assess patient’s fitness, educate patients about anesthesiological care, and empower patients by increasing their knowledge about anesthesiological care to facilitate shared-decision making. After surgery it is important to get back to the level of physical and mental fitness before surgery as soon as possible. In other words, to help the patient to retain and maintain his new lifestyle. Again, it is important to incorporate new technology to monitor how the patient is progressing both in the hospital as well as at home. Giving both the physician and the patient feedback on his performance and identifying possibilities to facilitate interventions when performance is lacking.

Field(s) of expertise

  • Perioperatieve care\pre and post habilitation
  • Artificial Intelligence

Education and career

PhD in novel ultrasound techniques for hand injuries.

Bachelor and Master of Science Medicine

Master of Science Electrical Engineering\Biomedical Engineering

Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering

My Groups