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Profilephoto of L.W. Kranenburg

L.W. Kranenburg PhD

Assistant Professor / Health care Psychologist

  • Department
  • Psychiatry



My research focuses on the (cost)effectiveness of psychological interventions in the medical setting.

Research topics are;

  • patient preferences and decision making
  • trauma-and stressor related disorders.

Regarding the first topic, I am co-project leader of the NOSANO study, on patient preferences on innovative treatment of esophageal cancer (active surveillance vs immediate surgery). Furthermore, I am involved in studies on the quality of life and cost-effectiveness of breast cancer surgery. Outcomes of these studies are highly relevant for future treatment decisions.

The topic of patient preferences and decision making is in line with my previous work in the field of organ transplantation, where I studied patients´ and (potential) living donor´s treatment decisions. Currently I work as a clinician in the psychological screening and treatment of living liver donors.

The second topic, trauma-and stressor related disorders, includes both patients and professionals. Examples are: EMDR- treatment for patients with post-partum post-traumatic stress disorder, a cost-effectiveness study on EMDR-treatment for cancer patients whose experiences with diagnosis or treatment have led to the development of trauma-related disorders and studies on stress and burn-out prevention in medical students.

Field(s) of expertise

Psychological interventions in the medical setting Trauma and stressor related disorders EMDR Patient preferences and decision making Qualitative Research 


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