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Brigitta Laksono

Dr. B.M. (Brigitta) Laksono, PhD

Postdoctoral researcher

  • Focus area
  • Comparative Pathology and Pathogenesis
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I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Viroscience in the group of Dr Debby van Riel (also known as the RielScience team). I am interested in studying how viruses cause diseases. My current research focus is understanding how enterovirus D68, which is a respiratory virus, can spread outside the respiratory tract and causes diseases and complications in other tissues or organs, such as in muscles, gut, heart or brain. My other main interest is how immune cells, that are supposed to clear viral infection, can contribute to the appearance and severity of diseases.

Field(s) of expertise

Viral pathogenesis

Education and career

During my doctorate study, I investigated how morbilliviruses, such as measles virus and canine distemper virus, cause immune suppression. I received my doctorate degree from Erasmus University of Rotterdam in 2022. 


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Teaching activities

I have supervised Master’s students during their research internship and I participated in teaching and journal club supervision for the Infection and Immunity Master’s programme of Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine, Erasmus MC.

Scholarships, grants, and awards

During my doctorate study, we had the unique opportunity to investigate measles immune suppression in unvaccinated children during measles outbreak in 2013. For this study, I received Best Publication Award in 2019 from the Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine, Erasmus MC during 23rd Molecular Medicine Day.

My Groups