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Principal Investigator

Prof. dr. E.P. (Errol) Prens

Professor in Experimental ImmunoDermatology

  • Department
  • Dermatology
  • Focus area
  • Experimental ImmunoDermatology
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As an Immunologist-Dermatologist I have dedicated my academic career to translational research on psoriasis and hidradenitis suppurativa. We were one of the first to demonstrate the auto inflammatory nature and activated innate immunity in the pathogenesis of psoriasis and are the inventors of the, world-wide used, imiquimod psoriasis mouse model.  We elucidated the activated immune pathways and demonstrated inflammasome activation in Hidradenitis Suppurativa. Together with pharmaceutical companies we investigate and test, in the laboratory and clinically, potential novel treatments for these diseases.  We are proud to be a NFU Hidradenitis center of expertise and member of the European Reference Network.

Field(s) of expertise

- Experimental ImmunoDermatology
- Investigating inflammatory skin diseases using cutting-edge tehcnologies
- Contributing to novel therapies using our ex-vivo skin model for drug testing

Education and career

- MD degree University of Groningen
- Dermatology training, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam, and board certification as a Dermatologist.
- PhD in Immunology, Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam and certification as an Immunologist(SMWBO).
- Postdoctoral fellow and leader of the Experimental Immunodermatology group in the department of Immunology of the Erasmus MC.



Teaching activities

Skin Immunology to general Medical, Minor and Research master students

Other positions

- Reviewer for several international dermatological and immunological journals
- Co-founder and board member of the Dutch Society for Experimental Dermatology
- Councillor of the International Psoriasis Council
- Member of the scientific committee of the international congress “Psoriasis from Gene to Clinic” in London.
_Pro bono advisor of the hidradenitis suppurativa patient organisation HPV.

My Groups