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Pedriatic dermatology

The research in pediatric dermatology tries to answer a question of a child and/or his parents. The answers are implemented into daily practice.

About our Department

Our research

Background information

Almost all children have skin symptoms /diseases during their lives. And as children are no small adults also skin diseases in children need special attention both in care and research. Moreover skin diseases in children might be the first symptom of a syndrome. 

Overall aim

We improve health care for children with skin diseases from the perspective of the child and the parents by transparancy of specialized knowledge, treatments, selfmanagement and scientific research together with involved professionals.

Research focus areas

The department of (Pediatric) Dermatology performs innovative and high quality scientific research with a focus on two lines:

Atopic dermatitis - outpatient clinic Kinderhaven and Generation R birth cohort:

  • Atopic syndrome: food allergy, asthma and rhinitis.
  • Microbiome: skin, nose, gut, S. Aureus, endolysin.
  • Skin barrier: Raman spectroscopy.

Rare diseases:

  • Vascular anomalies.
  • Neonatal erythroderma.
  • Giant congenital nevi.
  • Immunodeficiencies; Netherton syndrome.
  • Lichen sclerosus.

Research lines


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