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R.W. (Ruud) Selles, PhD


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  • Rehabilitation Medicine
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My research is translational and centers on patients with hand and upper extremity disorder and answers questions on the effectiveness of interventions, predicting the outcome and effectiveness of interventions and understanding the mechanisms of interventions. Increasing, we focus on data science using (mostly) routinely collected clinical data. We have set up routine outcome measurement systems in hand surgery and rehabilitation (the HandandWristCohort) and stroke (Profits) and use innovative observational studies analysis techniques including propensity score matching for comparative effectiveness, prediction modeling and clinimetric analysis and now includes real-time prediction modeling based on acquired data from individual patients. Within this framework, I participate in studies on developing diagnostic tools (sensor systems, EEG, diagnostic robots) and innovative therapies (tDCS, upper extremity activity feedback, gyroscopic therapeutic interventions).

Field(s) of expertise

Rehabilitation medicine, hand surgery, stroke recovery and interventions, human movement science, comparative effectiveness, prediction modeling, trial design.

Education and career

I have obtained my MSc in Human Movement Science, Free University Amsterdam and my PhD in Rehabilitation Medicine from the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After a fellowship at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, I am now an associate professor at the departments of Rehabilitation Medicine and Plastic Surgery at the Erasmus MC. I have authored over 140 peer-reviewed publications and obtained grants from a number of different agencies.


For an up to date list of my peer-reviewed publications, please go to PubMed or ResearchGate. For reprints of my publications, please contact me using my researchgate profile.

Teaching activities

I teach courses or parts of courses for both the Medicine program of the Erasmus MC and for Clinical Technology program, the joint degree of the Erasmus MC, TU Delft and LUMC. In addition to this, I have been active for many years in teaching research methods and evidence-based medicine to physical therapists during different programs and organized several summer schools on research methods. For my teaching, I want to acknowledge DataCamp, the learning platform we use for teaching data science and analytics. 

Other positions

I am presently a member of the board of directors (raad van toezicht), Nederlands Paramedisch Instituut (www.npi.nl), the largest provider in the Netherlands of post-graduation courses for physical therapists. In addition, I am PI of the ACE BrainMotion and member of the management teams of IMDI NeuroControl and the STW Perspective program NeuroCIMT. In addition I am the past president of the Society for Human Movement Sciences in the Netherlands.

My Groups