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M.F. (Mark) Siemensma


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  • Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
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With a background in Technical Medicine, I am interested in combining both the technical and clinical aspects within the field of Orthopaedic surgery. I'm excited to continue developing my skills during my PhD within the upper limb research group

Field(s) of expertise

(Posttraumatic) deformities of the elbow and forearm

Education and career

Bachelor Clinical Technology (2014 - 2017) at the TU Delft & Masters Degree Medicine (2019 - 2022) at Leiden University


Current research project

Currently, I am conducting a multicenter randomized controlled trial in cooperation with the Amphia Hospital, Breda and the Erasmus MC. In this study, we aim to find out the best postoperative rehabilitation modality for patients with (posttraumatic) elbow stiffness. In addition to this project, I focus on developing a 4D flexion-extension model of the elbow and a growth model of the forearm.