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Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital: professional occupations

You may occasionally come across a profession that you don’t really know. On this page we briefly explain various occupations.


A physician who gives your child a sleep drug so that your child falls asleep before surgery and doesn’t feel anything during the operation.

Ward assistant

Ward assistants support the nurses on the wards with household tasks. They also manage and order stock items.

Department secretary

You can contact the department secretary for questions regarding outpatient clinic appointments, forms, or other matters.


A resident has completed medical school and is in training to be a specialist in the hospital. The resident is often the attending physician during hospital admission. Residents work closely with medical specialists. The medical specialist has final responsibility.

Medical intern

A medical intern is a medical student who works in the hospital to gain practical experience. A medical intern often joins the attending physician during physician rounds as an observer. A medical intern may perform physical examinations. Please indicate if you would prefer this not be done by an intern. We will respect your wishes and make a note of this in your medical records so that we can keep this in mind.


The dietician makes sure that children get the food they need to get healthy again.

Event coordinator

An event coordinator organizes fun activities for the children to keep them busy and prevent them from getting bored. The Feyenoord soccer team, for instance, is invited every year, as are performance artists, and famous writers who read from their books, and they organize movie afternoons.

Pediatric physiotherapist

Someone who does physical exercises with children to strengthen their muscles and make their joints work better.


Children who are in hospital often or for a long period of time continue their schooling while in the hospital. They are taught by the teachers in the hospital, either in the hospital classroom or at their bedside. The teachers consult the elementary school teachers about the school work. They also provide the school teachers with information on the child’s illness. Some children, for instance, are still very tired once they have been discharged from hospital. It helps if classmates and the teacher can take this into account. Where possible, children are taught using their own school books. They can also talk to their classmates and follow lessons by connecting to their own class with a laptop and a webcam!

Speech therapist

Someone who helps improve your child’s speech.

Medical specialist

A medical specialist is a physician who is specialized in a certain medical field. In addition to treating patients, they train, supervise, and provide support to residents.

Pedagogical staff

The pedagogical staff member focuses on the personal and social development of children during their illness, and during their stay and treatment in the hospital. He/she ensures that children feel at ease in the hospital by, for instance, playing a game with them or accompanying them to an examination.

X-ray technician

Someone who takes special photos of the inside of the body using X-rays.


Is an experienced pediatrician who is responsible for the day-to-day running of your child’s care. He/she works closely with the entire team. He/she supervises residents, works closely with other medical specialists, and is responsible for coordinating the care of your child.

Transfer nurse

The transfer nurse identifies the care needed after discharge from the hospital. The transfer nurse arranges the aftercare and is the contact person for regional institutions regarding transfers.


The nurse is responsible for nursing your child. If necessary, he/she can help your child take a shower, get dressed, and eat. He/she takes your child’s temperature and blood pressure, and also administers your child’s medication. Erasmus MC Sophia Children’s Hospital is a teaching hospital, which means that certain tasks may also be performed by student nurses. They are always supervised by a qualified pediatric nurse.

Nurse consultant

A nurse consultant is a specialist nurse with specific expertise, knowledge, and experience in a particular specialism. She provides patients with information and counsels them.

Specialist nurse

A specialist nurse performs certain medical tasks independently. A specialist nurse works at the interface between nursing and medicine.

Nutrition assistant

Nutrition assistants serve patients beverages, meals, and snacks. They also provide the forms to order your meals and make a note of any necessary dietary changes.

Care assistant

The care assistant helps nurses to nurse the patients and they manage and order medicines.