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Research project

PEPaNIC follow-up

Status: Ongoing

Children’s long-term neuropsychological outcome after caloric restriction during the first week of critical illness.

What we do

About our project

Background information 

It is thought that tolerating caloric deficits early during critical illness has 'carry-over' effects, through epigenetic changes, that improve former critically ill children’s long-term (neurocognitive) outcomes.

Overall aim 

The aim of the PEPaNIC long-term outcome study is to determine the long-term neurocognitive outcome (more specifically the IQ-scores, motor and executive function) of critical illness and the effect hereon of artificial nutrition provided during the acute phase of critical illness in children.

Research method 

A longitudinal cohort study of the critically ill children from the international, multicentre PEPaNIC randomised controlled trial will be performed. Long-term impact will be performed by anthropometric and neurocognitive assessments at 2 and 4 years after inclusion in the PEPaNIC study patients and in age-matched healthy children.

Desirable outcome

We hypothesise that, in comparison with the current practice of aggressive nutritional support, tolerating caloric deficits early during critical illness in critically ill children has “carry-over” effects, through epigenetic changes, that improve long-term (neurocognitive) outcomes.



Collaborations outside of Erasmus MC

University Hospitals, Belgium, Leuven.

Stollery Children’s Hospital, Canada, Edmonton.


Impact of withholding early parenteral nutrition completing enteral nutrition in pediatric critically ill patients (PEPaNIC trial): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
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